After years of deepened research on the topic of non-ferrous alloys melt quality control, Duedi S.r.l. designed and developed a whole new system based on solidification thermal analysis that is able to check the quality of the melt according to the casting procedures of foundries. Within a few minutes all the main quality criteria are checked with our innovative Patented system.

Precise estimation of different quality control aspects of Aluminum alloys give the possibility to control 2 important group of variables: Firstly, the amount of modifiers and the amount of alloying elements can be checked and controlled by our system. Secondly, with our system foundries are able to check the quality of the molten metal for casting in mould with different thickness and different critical casting sections. Moreover, the susceptibility of the molten material to produce macro and microstructural defects as hot tearing, segregations and other important structural defects can be detected.

Our innovative equipment can be adapted to real cooling condition for simulating the solidification situation inside of the mold. With this innovative method, microstructural characteristics of the solidified parts are precisely estimated. Our system is fully flexible and can check all aspects of final industrial parts quality control online.

The new system will be available for foundries and research departments soon.

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