DUEDI designed a robust and reliable breaker machine that is easy to handle. The device is used to break feeders and ingate systems and it consists of a wedge which is moved by hydraulic system.

The main advantages of DUEDI’s Hydraulic wedge are as follows:

  • ERGONOMIC design: it rotates in every direction without any strain on the operator due to position of center of gravity.
  • QUICK and EASY TO USE: this specific wedge is durable and can be replaced quickly without tools.
  • POWER: it can remove almost any feeder or ingate system and provides high productivity (high number of spreading cycles per minute). Another our important feature is that the tool provides clean predictable cuts, guaranteeing that feeders and risers break off in a controlled manner.
  • SAFETY: the system is consisting of a full protection cover and two-handed operation that greatly limits the chance of accidents.
  • QUALITY AND RELIABILITY: made of high-quality materials, like every DUEDI’s product, and is designed for durability, long operational and working life.
  • FLEXIBILITY: it can be used in different kinds of processes. Thanks to the shape of the front protection panels, the slides can be used for their full length, greatly increasing the working range.
  • MANAGEABILITY: this machine is designed for heavy duties and the ergonomic joystick gives perfect control of its movements. The handle has a symmetric design and allows left-handed operators to use the system without problem.