In view of demanding clientele in this sector, DUEDI has realized a building system of ladles totally removable.

The main advantages of this newest type of ladle are multiple, especially in the maintenance and the security sectors.

In particular in the maintenance area:

  • All parts of ladle are totally removable
  • Shorter maintenance time is needed because all parts are bolted
  • Many parts can be re-used
  • The total maintenance can be realized by all customers autonomously
  • The driving trunnion and the idler trunnion can be removed from the body of ladle
  • Simple maintenance for all customers
And in the security area:
  • Worm-screw and gear wheel are always fixed
  • Highest safety is guaranteed for all users during the various operating phases
  • Highest productivity, flexibility, reliable and accurate pouring mode are guaranteed by wireless radio control
  • In case of power failures of the gearmotor, it’s easily possible to switch from automatic to manual mode (steerling wheel) in maximum 10 seconds

Every ladle’s sizes are always adaptable to the factory customer layout and for every ladle we can supply the all certifications (mechanical certification, capacity certification, welding certification and ┬áCE certification).