DUEDI produces high precision mechanical parts on drawings for third parties.

DUEDI is able to work the most common materials as: alloyed steel, cast iron, aluminum alloys, bronze, brass, copper and plastics. All processes are carried out with centesimal precision by  programming CAD-CAM. The production department has established over time, thanks to the increase of machinery driven by continuous investments. Today the production process of DUEDI presents a constant dimensional control for each machining part, providing upon request a test certificate for every finished product.


A brand new 5-axis milling center of highest level with a fixed bench structure and sliding table, guarantees performance optimization as: stiffness, sensitivity, precision, reliability, speed and consistency of tool behavior (independent from temperature variation and stress generated during the process of removal).


3-AXIS / 3+2-AXIS

The milling-boring department ensures productivity and precision by maximizing the machining performance from smaller to bigger parts. Technological innovations allow to optimize every single process as: roughing, finishing on cast iron, steel and alloys. The system for the automatic head changing further enables great flexibility and automation.



A wide range of 5-axis turningmilling centers optimize the union between a lathe and a machining center. The high chipremoval capacity of the motorized unit provides flexibility and workability of any machined part, also the most complex, in just a single tooling.

Since 2020 DUEDI Srl actively collaborates with the new reality DUEDI Srl Tornitura Metalli as regards all the turning processes. 



The turning department performs particulars directly from bars, mergers and printouts of any type of material. Maximum turning diameter 700 mm and useful length up to 3000 mm. The machines are equipped with a bar loader and motorized tool changer.

Since 2020 DUEDI Srl actively collaborates with the new reality DUEDI Srl Tornitura Metalli as regards all the turning processes. 



Excellent equipment and instruments permit to execute with high precision wire welding, electrode and carryover welding. Particularly specialized in welding of ferrous and stainless steel materials.


DUEDI uses a measuring room air conditioned, fitted with the most modern equipment for quality control, in order to ensure a certificate for dimensional inspection. Measuring machine type DEA PIONEER (HEXAGON), the maximum size of the workbench is 800x1200x600 mm.


The department is able to execute any type of gear teeth and grooves for holes, with maximum width 100 mm and maximum length 1000 mm.


The management of all machinery takes place through CAD CAM programming and the technology OPENMIND hyperMILL®. This allows to schedule efficiently simple geometries, as well as complex ones, in order to perform movements up to 5 axis. Furthermore is used the software  Autodesk Product Design Suite as tool for design, simulation, sharing and viewing of 3D products. This software is also able to manage the entire design process by itself.


One building of DUEDI is exclusively dedicated to the assembly of individual parts, complete mechanical groups, pneumatic components and electric parts (if requested), and furthermore their final functional inspection.


Depending on the customer’s requests, DUEDI uses a Sitel MK3 pneumatic marking unit with which it is possible to perform any marking by punching the parts.

We are often asked to mark data such as orders, codes, order references, progressive numbers, dates, logos, etc. both on small-sized components and on carpentries or parts with significant dimensions.

This procedure does not damage or alter in any way the composition or quality of the material.


DUEDI has always sought to optimize the production area, which is why it was decided to purchase a fully automated and remotely manageable MGT tool warehouse.

With its almost 4500 positions, we have the possibility to store various types of tools (drills, cutters, inserts, PPE, etc.) in order to always have an updated availability of all the tools needed for the mechanical workshop.