Metal casting is an extremely energy-intensive process. As such, energy expenditures can account for a large portion of the cost of a casting. To provide high-quality casting, our degreed manufacturing and metallurgical engineers use their expertise to analyze customer requirements to determine the best methods for increasing casting quality. By analyzing melt quality, we can identify problem areas before your castings are produced, which enables us to develop effective and efficient manufacturing processes, reduce lead times and ensure consistent quality. DUEDI’s Process Engineers create, set specifications, develop, implement and monitor your casting with appropriate equipment and processes as part of the manufacturing system. DUEDI can design innovative processes and equipment for a new facility or modification and optimization of equipment and processes that are already in place in foundries.

These tasks can include:

  • Research and development of new equipment (this can include design responsibilities).
  • Monitoring of equipment – including regular testing and ensuring maintenance tasks are carried out.
  • Oversight of processes and working to maintain optimization of the production line.
  • Assisting Process Technicians in troubleshooting in the event of a problem.
  • Data collection, interpretation and report writing.
  • Installation of new equipment.
  • Risk assessments of the equipment and processes being used.
  • Continual evaluation of equipment and processes efficiency and quality.
  • Cost effectiveness of production.
  • Use of simulation software in the development of new processes.