DUEDI's Research and Development Office is delighted to officially announce the issuance of PATENT IT 102020000014695 (PCT) on August 29th 2022 for the "APPARATUS FOR THE ANALYSIS OF NON-FERROUS METAL ALLOYS AND PARTICULARLY FOR S.T.A. ANALYSIS".

After years of dedicated efforts in advancing solidification thermal analysis as an online method for monitoring the melt quality of non-ferrous alloys, DUEDI has globally introduced a new innovative system. This groundbreaking approach, based on non-equilibrium thermodynamics analysis, marks the first of its kind at an industrial level for non-ferrous alloys.

For DUEDI, the main objective was to create a distinctive combination of hardware and software, ensuring high reproducibility and sensitivity in the analysis. This system can precisely identify all specific and discriminating events of each solidification in every foundry.

Named "TAl", this revolutionary system transcends the limitations of traditional methods, offering real-time verification of all key foundry quality parameters in just a few minutes. This innovative patented system by DUEDI, represents a significant breakthrough in technological progress for melt quality control, enabling the detection of subtle changes during the liquid phase in less than 5 minutes.

Main keys of the TAL System

Some of the main keys of the “TAl System” include:

  • The main Chemical Compositional Data: i.e., Weight percentages of Silicon, Titanium, Boron, Strontium, Copper, Magnesium, and much more.
  • The Microstructural Data: i.e., Analysis of Aluminum grain size (indicating grain refiners' effectiveness) and/or Silicon modification level (reflecting Silicon modifiers' effectiveness), and/or among others.
  • The Iron Contamination Level and the Intermetallic Formation: i.e., Identification of the type and the Percentage of Intermetallic Formations, along with the Level of Iron Contamination.
  • The Presence of Precipitates: i.e., the Detection of them, such as Magnesium Precipitates and much more.
  • The Mechanical Properties: i.e., Assessment of the mechanical properties of the analyzed melt.
  • The Additional and Customizable Information: it can provide any other desired information based on the specific processes of each Foundry.

The “TAl System” has been meticulously engineered and designed to simplify the acquisition process and to ensure an intuitive and immediate understanding of the measured parameters.

For further information, stay tuned to this page for continuous updates and the latest developments in this groundbreaking “TAl System”.