Process engineering

In the realm of casting, energy costs typically constitute a significant portion of overall expenses. Recognizing this pivotal aspect and aspiring to ensure superior casting quality through a combination of cutting-edge products and comprehensive knowledge, DUEDI engineers leverage their metallurgical and mechanical engineering expertise to:

  1. ANALYZE CUSTOMER NEEDS: Conduct an in-depth analysis of each foundry's requirements to pinpoint key areas for enhancing its production quality.
  2. QUALITY OPTIMIZATION: Through meticulous analysis and optimization of the final casting quality, DUEDI engineers proactively identify potential issues before the commencement of the casting process, ensuring effective and efficient production processes. For customers, this approach reduces their lead times and guarantees an elevation in their final quality.
  3. PROCESS ENGINEERING: The DUEDI's process engineers conceptualize, define, develop, implement, and monitor the final casting for each customer, using advanced and specialized equipment and processes tailored to the chosen workplace.

Among the activities that DUEDI is able to carry out

Moreover, the DUEDI demonstrates versatility by undertaking activities such as:

  • Development of each project;
  • Task, engaging, and perseverance in the design and development of innovative equipment;
  • Equipment Monitoring:
    • Regularly testing and performing maintenance tasks to ensure ongoing equipment reliability.
    • Production Line Optimization.
    • Analyzing the whole process to optimize the entire production line.
    • Metallurgical and General Assistance: providing valuable assistance to process technicians in addressing daily metallurgical and general challenges.
    • Engineered Data Systems: creating systems for data collection, interpretation, and report writing.
    • Continuous and constant Engineering Evaluation: continuously assessing the efficiency and quality of equipment and processes.
    • High Cost-Effectiveness: focusing on enhancing production cost-effectiveness.
    • Simulation Software is used for the development of innovative processes.
    • Facilitate the installation of New Equipment without the seamless and/or plant downtime.
    • Evaluating risks associated with existing equipment and processes.
    • Other advanced engineering tools to evaluate the installation of new Foundry Equipment and plants.

For further information, stay informed by following this page for ongoing updates and the latest developments in DUEDI's engineering endeavors, aimed at optimizing efficiency, quality, and innovation in casting processes.