Research and development

The DUEDI Research & Development Department specializes in engineering designing and developing innovative systems tailored to the unique requirements of each foundry, to increase their productivity by significantly reducing production times and overall costs.

One of the added values of this DUEDI R&D Department is to collaborate closely with the foundries and, by exclusively understanding their production processes, it is able to create systems that not only satisfy any safety requirements but also provide tailor-made solutions to increase the specific needs of each customer.

Some of the key features of DUEDI's Research & Development services include:

  • Customizable Project and Developments: bespoke solutions for coating and drying units to enhance efficiency and adapt to specific work situations.
  • Design engineering of ladles: designing ladles with various pouring systems to optimize casting processes in each Foundry.
  • Automatic Dosing Systems: Implementing automated dosing systems for the precise addition of alloying elements to ladles, ensuring the outcome with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Weighing Units: providing weighing units for alloy elements, contributing to the precision and control of the casting process.

DUEDI's approach to R&D is characterized by flexibility and adaptability, maximizing the working result and ensuring that each system is uniquely tailored to the needs of the customer Foundry.

The DUEDI R&D engineers always maintain direct communication with process engineers in customer foundries to ensure that the systems developed align seamlessly with specific requirements.

For further information, explore DUEDI's range of services, which extends beyond the mentioned areas, and stay connected to this page for continuous updates on innovative solutions designed to elevate foundry operations.