Hydraulic foundry wedge

DUEDI supplies a robust and reliable mechanical Wedge, it is designed for its ease of handling and its optimal performance in breaking or removing any type of casting risers or feeders and separating parts of excess material in each casting.

The DUEDI Hydarulic Foundry edge consists of a mechanical Wedge activated by a Hydraulic Power Pack (also called Hydraulic Power Unit), with the following advantages and characteristics for all needs of every foundry:

  1. ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The Wedge part rotates effortlessly in every direction (360°) for each foundry personnel, thanks to its position at the center of gravity.
  2. QUICK AND EASY TO USE: This Wedge is durable even under challenging working conditions and can be swiftly replaced with ease, requiring no additional tools.
  3. POWERFUL FORCE: It is capable of removing all risers and casting systems, the DUEDI Wedge offers high productivity with a substantial number of operating cycles per minute. It ensures clear and controlled breaks, enhancing the efficiency of any type of feeder and riser removal.
  4. MAINTENANCE SAFETY: It is equipped with full protections and limitations to minimize manual effort, the DUEDI Wedge significantly reduces the risk of accidents.
  5. QUALITY AND RELIABILITY: All components are made of high-quality steels, the DUEDI Wedge is designed for optimal working effectiveness. It is crafted with high-quality steel, the DUEDI Wedge is designed for optimal working effectiveness.
  6. FLEXIBILITY: It is suitable for various processes thanks to its mechanical splayer and its shape and front protection panels, it allows the pincers to be used along its entire length, expanding its work capabilities significantly.
  7. MANAGEMENT, MANAGEABILITY AND DURABILITY: It is designed for heavy-duty use so its ergonomic joystick ensures precise control of movements. The symmetrical handle design accommodates left-handed foundry personnel without any issues.

Explore the DUEDI Foundry Wedge for its unparalleled performance and user-friendly features.

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